[drafts a petition to ask Robert Downey Jr. to grow out his hair]


Agreed - where do I sign? 

(Might Sherlock Holmes hair be next?  Please….)

Re blog if you would sign!!! I know I would!!!

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why i love rdj.

robert john downey jr. love of my life.

my liking with robert started small. id call him tony. i didnt know his name.

i quickly became fascinated.

2 years ago, i was extremely depressed. very depressed. suicidal. i was still a fan of robert, if not, a bigger one.

during my worst times, i felt like robert had been there for me. i would listen to his music, and watch his movies, and though, “if robert can go through those rough times he did, i can last through this day,”

i once tried to drown myself while listening to ‘hannah’, but if i were to die, then i would never be able to hear his music again.

robert john downey jr. love of my life.

IN RESPONSE: I am glad you are still here and I’m sure he would be too. I am sorry that you once felt your life had such little meaning that you tried to drown yourself. Imagine how hurt he would have been if he knew you drowned to his music? There are people who love you. Some you might not even know. If you ever need someone to talk to, talk to us, your RDJ family!

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he's just perfect isn't he perfect

Tell your RDJ stories

Message me (anon if you like) with tales and stories of you and RDJ. Either real meetings, dreams, anything you care to let out and share, and I will show case if on my blog!

I made this a while back and I never thought it would hit 1000 views! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! We are all united because of this man’s beauty…

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Some fucking people.

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