Robert shared this earlier today and now I’m addicted

"Susan is saying no."

Robert Downey Jr., when asked if he’ll ever have a Twitter account, at the Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray Live Event (April 1, 2010) [audio] (via iwantcupcakes)

I guess she changed her mind

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Who else exploded with joy when RDJ said on Facebook that Jon Favero (probably spelt that wrong, so sorry) finally convinced him to join twitter?!? Because of work I’m so so far behind on all this but I was bouncing in my seat on the subway train with excitement when I read that!

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The 20th Annual Street Painting Festival

Hey - pretty brilliant!


Google Plays during oscars

Did u see that commercial? Did you hear that voice? Was it familiar? It should have…. it was Robert!

#rdj #robertdowneyjr

#rdj #robertdowneyjr