• There really, really, REALLY needs to be more fic about Tony’s relationship with Obediah. There is so much to explore there. I think Obie really fucked Tony up more than he even realizes.
  • Like, Tony’s already got the fucked-up relationship with his dad. But then this dude who has been the only benevolent father figure he’s ever known, one of like two people in the world Tony feels like he can trust implicitly, turns out to have been plotting against him the whole time. He arranges to have Tony kidnapped and tortured. Then he tries to straight-up kill Tony himself.
  • God damn, like Tony didn’t already have enough issues already.
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  • Exactly.
  • Except in a way I think that Stane’s betrayal, while definitely compounding the myriad of daddy issues Tony already has, was worse than his father’s. Stane gave the impression he cared for the boy, loved him even, whereas Howard the bastard was markedly indifferent towards his only child. The only attention Howard gave Tony was through verbal and physical abuse but Stane lured him in with the pretext of caring and so to then have that torn from him in the most evil of ways would have, I think, hurt Tony even more. 
  • Tony, from viewing both the comics and movies, is an incredibly tactile person. He gives off such a touch starved aura and throughout the movie, Stane is constantly touching him. There isn’t a single scene of them together where he doesn’t lay his hands on Tony. Tony, being vulnerable to that touch, having be raised in an almost love starved environment would have gravitated towards that like a moth to a flame. Stane being as big a bastard as Howard, took that vulnerability and manipulated it to his advantage. Also, the undercurrent of something a lot more than simple touching that runs subtly underneath the causality of the need to get Tony’s attention in Stane’s touch is creepy at best and reeks of sexual abuse.
  • So, yes, I detest Howard but I hate Stane on a whole other level for the trust and love he took and then broke into fragmented pieces.
  • ..and I agree about the need for more Stane and Tony centric fic. I have a couple saved but they don’t overly explore the relationship. I would write one myself, but their relationship is such a cats cradle of emotions and events, where would one begin?…
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  • Of course my phone deletes everything I had written on my previous reblog.
  • The scenes of Obadiah and Tony kill me. You can see the craving for attention, and approval, and just an overall closeness that Tony doesn’t seem to have with ANYONE every time he is with Obadiah, and god it just breaks my heart. I’m currently exploring an AU where Tony is in his mid-twenties, and to put myself in that headspace for him it’s so different. Because his parents haven’t been gone for that long, he hasn’t grown to be the person that he becomes just yet since he is still so young, and godddd.
  • Long story short: There’s a special spot in Hell for Obadiah.
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  • I just now messaged you about this. 
  • Stane belongs in all the nine circles of hell. Moreso than Howard and here’s why.
  • Stane was Tony’s father’s business associate, and he (Stane) is the one that ran the company in the interim until Tony became of age, does it not then stand to reason that he would have been the person who was there with Tony the night his parents died?  The full circle that runs from Tony being orphaned at a young age and Stane being the person who sees him through it, who is literally his shoulder to cry on, who takes him in and becomes his father figure and is now the one who is again next to Tony watching him cry as he (Stane) rips the life from his chest is almost poetic tragedy. It is fucking heartbreaking. 
  • And how could Tony see him as anything other than someone who wants to protect him? No-one else has even tried. The look on his face at the fundraiser when Stane tells him that he voted to shut him (Tony) out because it was “the only way I could protect you.” says it all. Confusion and hurt all run across his face but he doesn’t question it verbally. And why would he? This man has done nothing (in Tony’s eyes) but love and protect him all his life. And this is why Obadiah fucking Stane deserves all nine of the circles of hell.
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Lord have mercy.

I keep getting more and more emotional, the more I read/think about this. Particularly about how Tony is so obviously touch-starved, and Obadiah is really the only person we see who regularly touches Tony in an affectionate, casual way. And the part where, yeah, Howard was always a major dickface to Tony and that was damaging enough, but now, with Obie, Tony get to spend the rest of his life remembering times when Obie was kind to him, was the only one who was kind to him, and it was all a scam.

Can you even imagine. Like, hey, remember the time that Obie was the only one who showed up to that school play! (And it was all a lie.) Remember that time Dad told you that you were useless, and afterward Obie patted you on the shoulder and told you he was wrong? (And it was all a lie.) Remember how Obie used to help you tie your tie before big events? (And it was all a giant motherfucking lie.)

Can. You. Imagine. Tony gets to carry that nasty little soul-warping scar around forever, now.  

And, oh god, Tony’s reaction when Obadiah tells him he filed the injunction to protect him. How you can see that Tony just really wants to believe that, does believe it for a while.

Oh god. I really want to write some fic about this now, but I don’t know if I could get through it without having some kind of breakdown.

help help i’ve fallen and i can’t get up. 



“ Remember how Obie used to help you tie your tie before big events? (And it was all a giant motherfucking lie.)”
Now see this, this just about broke me. Fuck.
What I find the most heartbreaking is that throughout, Tony is doing exactly what everyone wants him to do. He’s building and designing weapons. The most telling part in that scene is that he doesn’t tear up until Stane says “I worried I was killing the golden goose.” Tony isn’t a person with emotions and needs and desires, a person who bleeds when you cut him to Stane or his company, or even to Rhodey to some extent, if the look of horror when Tony comments at the press conference that he is shutting down the weapons divisions of S.I. and the way Rhodes tells him to ‘get his mind right” at the air base…never mind you’ve been tortured for three months, Tony, go build weapons again. No, Tony is just a money machine. 
So not only is he carrying around the emotional scar you mentioned from Stane’s betrayal but he is also crippled by the self image that has been drilled into him over and again. That as a person he counts only for what he can give and if he can no longer do that, then he has no worth at all.

Can I just say THANK. YOU. Everyone I talk to doesn’t seem to catch the way Tony reacts when Rhodey tells him to “get his mind right” (or however the line goes, I’m always too busy catching the look on Robert’s/Tony’s face). His breath hitches, he tries to smile, and out comes a sort of grimace instead as he just says quietly ‘okay.’ Like, okay, I get it. You are one of them too, huh? You’re my BEST FRIEND but you cannot get past the part that I’m not the person I used to be. You can’t understand that, hey, three *months* is a long fucking time and even a person like Tony Stark can change.

So, of course, when Obadiah tells him “I’ll handle the mess, let me do it,” which leaves Tony to do on what he wants to do, of course he doesn’t even doubt it. He doesn’t question it. It’s Obie, the man that has been there all his life, why would he ever question it.

And, that image of Tony remembering Obadiah helping him get ready for some big event - wow. Can I borrow that for a fic? Because it kind of lodged itself in my head, and um. Yeah. Angst, anyone?

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