We are approaching the 6k follower mark, and to celebrate I have made a quiz to get to know eachother better! You can submit it to my page or tag me in athe post you copy it to and I’ll repost it! Its a great way to share our love for RDJ and find more people to follow! Ready? Here we go:

1) what is your tumblr?
2) how long have you been on tumblr?
3) what/who inspired you to join tumblr?
4) how did you learn about RDJHEAVEN?
5) how long have you been following RDJHEAVEN?
6) where else do you follow RDJHEAVEN (facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube)?
7) what is your all-time favorite picture of RDJ?
8) favorite RDJ gif?
9) favorite RDJ video?
10) favorite RDJ song?
11) favorite RDJ quote?
12) favorite RDJ character?
13) favorite RDJ movie?
14) have you met RDJ? If yes, when/where/how/experience?




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The Avengers filming locations in New York

❤ Grand Central Terminal, NY, US (on Google Maps)
❤ Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, NY, US (on Google Maps)

See more of our sceneframing photos here & our new website full of geeky goodness here.

God Speed Elsie


My thoughts and prayers go to Robert and his family, even though I don’t know them personally.

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